In Memory


This photo was taken at the memorial service held for Ex-Chief William Schmidt who passed away in November 2011. Ex-Chief Schmidt was an asset to our department and served over 40 years with us. In the above photo, SLFD members pose with our retired Engine 252 which now serves at the Passaic County Fire Academy. Retired Engine 252 was dedicated to Ex-Chief Schmidt that day and the engine continues to serve at the Passaic County Fire Academy in Bill's honor. Bill was also an asset to the Passaic County Fire Academy where he put in countless hours of work teaching new and experienced firefighters. Your memory will never be forgotten by SLFD and the thousands of firefighters throughout years in Passaic County whose lives you helped change for the better.

Bill was also an avid fire department patch collector. Bill's collection of fire department patches from across the United States proudly hangs on our wall in our Fire Department lounge. You can view Chief Schmidt’s patch collection by going to our “In Memory” photo album on our website by clicking here. Rest in Peace Chief W. Schmidt.


Line of Duty Death (LODD) - Lt. Robert Jenkin

Lt. Robert Jenkin has been the only SLFD firefighter to die in the line of duty. Lt. Robert Jenkin was killed after being struck by a vehicle while operating at a fire scene. His memory is never forgotten by our members or the community. Jenkin's Field, located on Skyline Lakes Drive between Edgewood Road and Meadow Lane, has been named for Lt. Robert Jenkin. This is the public park adjacent to the Skyline Lake Firehouse. Rest in Peace Lt. R. Jenkin.


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