Signed on Wed Feb. 26, 2014 03:02 PM
Name : Mike DeGiglio Sr
Web Address: http://
Location: West Milford, NJ
Comments : Great job guys. You're still the pride of Passaic County.

Signed on Tue Feb. 18, 2014 05:02 PM
Name : Robert Miceli
Web Address: http://
Location: Charlotte NC
Comments : we lived in skyline lake from 1963-1978. My dad was a member in the late 60's early 70's...... I am a life member and former Chief/Vice President of the Pine Beach Fire Co. in Ocean County.

Signed on Thu Aug. 21, 2014 09:08 PM
Name : Richard John Keryger
Web Address: http://
Location: Kansas City, Mo.
Comments :

Signed on Wed Oct. 29, 2014 08:10 PM
Name : Karl D. Houser
Web Address:
Location: Baltimore, Maryland
Comments : I was a member of SLFD in 1978 until moving to Dallas, TX. No Jr. Program then, but I hung around SLFD from the time I could drive. Went to LRHS with Charlie Hoffman's daughter, Karen. Very fond memories of SLVD except for BJ's tragic death. I went to the Univ. of MD and have degrees in Fire Protection Engineering and Law Enforcement. I am a P.E. with 3 kids. Vollied/Lived-in at PG County #14 during college. I've never broke my promise to not drink before 0900 hrs. That's when Val or Larry would open the SLFD lounge and serve our "bacon & eggs" in a 14 oz. mug. Be well, everyone. KDH

Signed on Wed Dec. 17, 2014 10:12 PM
Name : Linda Den Heyer Rosa
Web Address: http://
Location: Winston-Salem NC
Comments : Most of my childhood memories involve the SLFD. My dad and 2 old brothers were members for many years. I spent many hours at the firehouse. From helping my parents work BINGO to helping with pancake breakfast and spaghetti dinners to helping my brother do the equipment inspections. I remember Mr Jiggs, the celebrity monkey come for a visit and the fire truck come around with Santa around Christmas. I wanted to follow in my father and brother's footsteps and become the first woman firefighter in Skyline Lakes. But many of the men I called "uncles" advised against it. Back in the 80's there were no women firefighters, so It never happened. I miss those times. Thank you for your dedication and upcoming 50th anniversary. Love you guys.